Lifan 1022

LF1022 is a cargo truck with strong power and length of 4.2m as well as 5 seats. It has more factors like sedan including appearance and inner trim. This models attaches more importance on the comfort seating. The power performance, carrying capacity and inner space have been greatly advanced.



5029 Safety

The chassis's thickness reaches 2.0mm. It is made of BAOSTEEL galvanized steel sheet especially for cars made in a stamping process. It's tough and durable.

The thickened high-strength doors have particular built-in double anti-collision beams, and that is securer.

The floor beams are made of 1.6mm steel plate in a stamping process, which is strong and more durable.

The advanced passenger-car type vertical energy-absorbing structure for safety impact is adopted, and 6 safety impact energy-absorbing slots are set at the most front end of beam to absorb the impact energy step by step for guaranteeing the safety of driver and passenger to the uttermost.


1022 Strong Q Series Engine

Foison equips Q series engine jointly developed by LIFAN and UK Ricardo with the displacement of 1.299L, optimized and equipped by UK Ricardo. In-line 16 valves, rated power of 68.5kW, double overhead camshafts, high combustion efficiency, strong power, max. torque of 112Nm. The max. speed reaches 120km/h.

Spiral inlet technology, the mixture ratio of fuel and air is 1:40. The power and torque can be enhanced over 10%; the NOX displacement lowers down 70%; the CO2 lowers down 20% reaching national IV standard. Double overhead camshafts and multi-valve technology have optimized the camshaft, making engine acquire the best valve timing to realize high torque and high power, lowering down 30% HC displacement.



1022 Appreance

Complete car appearance: condensing the Lifan passenger-car design technology essence, the typical European car U-shaped model highlights the safety concept. Protruding front wall outline, split-type headlamp style and damper's line enhances each other's beauty; coordinating and uniform, fullness and handsome, wonderful and fashion, demonstrating a magnificent spirit!

Classic full front face style: Front face style is mixed with Lifan brand characteristics by our designer, and draws on the experience of advanced passenger-car structure, combined with European vehicle design style, meanwhile considered the modern design concept; protruding front wall outline, headlamp style and damper's line enhances each other's beauty; better overall harmony, handsome fashion, fullness, magnificent spirit. The front grille adopts integrated U-shaped design. The wide front grille will enhance the ventilation effect of water tank, and make the heat dispersion better and improve the work efficiency of engine.

Headlamp and rear lamp: quaternity passenger-car headlamp is elaborately designed by Lifan's experts with novel pretty model, which applies double-layer three-dimensional contouring projection-type headlamp, and its high brightness & long illuminating distance ensures the safety during night driving; the split-level designed turn lamp, width lamp, high & low beam lamp represents grade.

Wide homochromatic rear-view mirror in passenger-car type: the new wide rear-view mirror designed according to passenger-car provides a wide vision to improve the safety during driving. Lens of rear-view mirror is adjustable and very convenient, and it can realize the adjustment for different angles.


1022 Cargo Loading

The large container space: It is a large volume container that matches this type of mini truck of Lifan. The container's LWH reaches 2800mm*1520mm*380mm. These three indexes all are higher than other products and the cargo capacity ranks the first among the similar products.

The crossbeam is made of hot rolled low alloy steel that is 2.0mm in the thickness, and the front, the middle and the rear interfaces' width are 71.6mm, 84mm, 83mm. It has the features of high strength, cold bending property, good stamping performance and so on.

The steel plate spring adopts five laminations of composite structure, the whole thickness reaches 50mm, the stiffness is strong and the carrying capacity is outstanding.


1022 Cargo Loading

The vehicle body design conforms to the MM design concept, that is driving space maximizes and the mechanical occupation space minimizes to provide the driver and passengers with enough space for head and feet and make them more comfortable. The simple control panel layout is reasonable and clear at a glance. It is easy and convenient to be controlled and regulated, and it is safe to drive.