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CCTV System is one of the major security & monitoring tool in today's world. CCTV is proved to be the first choice above all types of other available security techniques. CCTV (Close Circuit Television) is also known as video surveillance. CCTV System technologies have been developed and improved over time. The CCTV cameras start from the analog cameras which are available in good budgetary prices and goes up to high e d cameras for specific types of requirements.

We provides turnkey solutions for every type of CCTV cameras. Every project is new for us and we design it as per our expertise to provide the best solution with available resources and time. Customer is not necessarily required to have the knowledge about CCTV types & technologies, we helps customer to distinguish type of products required and suggest the suitable CCTV cameras and recorders accordingly.

Installing CCTV cameras can reduce the risk by providing information about the activities and gives full control of your premises. Every type of premises needs security in today's environment. Deploying physical manpower for security of premises is the common known method of security. The security camera is an electronic device which you can deploy with physical security for enhancing the level of security and recording all types of incidents & threats.



Awadi Motors is a part of Yousuf Al Awadi Group, involved in Automobile division since 1979 with sales and service of automobiles. Believing in Excellent Quality Service, We have developed our own identity in 'Customer satisfaction',as well as 'Sales and Services'. The outstanding performance shown by our Automobile division has been well appreciated from time to time by conferring upon number of 'Appreciation' in Sales as well as After Sales Service.


Access Control System

Access control systems allow companies to determine who can go where and when. An audit trail shows the details of who passed through your access control entry and exit devices. Events recorded to a head end computer may be linked to video, paging, or alarm functions. By combining software and hardware, your system can be controlled, queried, or programmed from anywhere on your network or via a secure web browser.

Our access control systems for Businesses and Office provide more than just door control. They give you a complete picture of each employees activity by days, weeks, and the times they passed though any access controlled door in your facility. Your records will show whether they passed through during your regular working hours or off hours. Our access systems are based on time tested, user friendly software and allow for monitoring and control in remote sites throughout your existing network.

We offer a full line of access control solutions, from securing a few doors to full enterprise system, managing a single facility or multiple facilities locally, nationally or globally. We combine a variety of access control technologies together into a fully functional access control system that manages your individual risks and needs.


Alarm Security System

Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, alarm systems from ABUS are the ideal security manager for commercial and private use – whether for intrusion, fire, or other hazards. Statistics show that an alarm system is the best deterrence for three quarters of all potential intruders: more versatile than any mechanical safeguard, less corruptible than any watchdog.

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Our engineers are experts in the installation and maintenance of commercial systems. Having many years of experience planning and installing SMATV projects, we assure you to provide a high quality TV and radio service throughout a residential building or commercial complex. We will carefully design your SMATV installation to suit your buildings, complex, hotels, meaning you can be confident of great reception and no interference between various television units.


SMATV – otherwise known as Satellite Master Antenna Television – is a more sophisticated version of the MATV commercial system. Built around the basic design of an MATV installation, SMATV goes a step further by including the distribution of satellite television.

SMATV installations process television and radio signals at a central system head and distribute them to multiple reception points around a building or complex. However, unlike MATV installations, the design of SMATV has been extended to feature a head-end unit that can receive UHF signals from a digital aerial, a satellite dish – or even both.

This means residents or clients can be offered a wider choice of television viewing, including the option of subscription and non-subscription satellite channels that are transmitted through UHF carriers. SMATV enables further flexibility of viewing, as different television subscriptions can be used for each television point.



Intercom systems are key component to promoting better security and privacy. We are specialized in video and wireless intercom systems for many different applications. Whether for home, business, or institution, we can design and install the ideal intercom system.

While door intercom systems are commonly known for their security purposes, there are a wide range of benefits in intercom systems. In addition to enhancing the flow communication, more advanced intercom systems for homes can distribute music throughout select areas of the property. Some intercom systems can be designed for monitoring. Such applications are ideal for families that need a comprehensive home intercom system to be used as a baby monitor system.



Public Access System (PA System) is electronic system for distribution and amplification of sound through microphone, amplifiers, speakers and loud speakers which is used to address the large no. of people's gatherings, multiple areas of a building or premises at one time.

PA system comes with low intensity ceiling speakers for announcements and music and high intensity speakers or loud speaker like and sound reinforcement system.

Deciding right system type for one particular requirement may be complex to understand for the end user but it can be easily done with the help our experienced team of experts. Our Experts will certainly analyze the type of music which is required to be played, what is the efficiency of sound required, the environment where it has to be implemented, will it be fixed or portable, sound quality and cost etc.



We proactively manages your IT function, so technology works for you to support your success. We make sure you can concentrate on what you do best, running your organization. We takes all the responsibility for your network, making sure it is working 24/7/365 days a year, relieving you of the headaches of system downtime. To back up what we say, we guarantee 99.5% uptime performance for our hosted network infrastructure.

Today's businesses require advanced information technology to maintain a competitive advantage. As technology continues to evolve, the corporate network must support voice, data, video and multimedia applications. The growing size of networks and the introduction of higher-speed access methods create an overwhelming need for reliable, manageable cabling systems.

Careful planning will prevent congestion that can dramatically diminish your network performance. At the same time, a successful enterprise demands flexibility to meet the constant change of personnel and equipment.

A well-designed cabling plan may include several independent cabling solutions of different media types installed at each workstation to support multiple system performance requirements.



Our highly skilled and experienced civil engineering team carry out all the groundworks of Gates and Barriers. with installation and commission a full range of electronic gates, barriers, anti ram raid bars and turnstiles, along with manual gates, fencing and decorative railings.

Traffic barriers keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent vehicles from colliding with dangerous obstacles. Traffic barriers installed at the road side also prevent errant vehicles from traversing steep (non-recoverable) slopes.



Money Exchange is a part of Yousuf Al Awadi Group, one of the most respectable groups in the Bahrain. Awadi Exchange established for providing services of money transfer solutions to individuals and companies like Moeny Transfer, Remittance, Forex Exchange. Services of our exchange are carefully chosen to meet the requirements of our esteemed customers.



Interlinking hearts and synchronizing emotions, Awadi group's Electronic division weave a dream with every creation of it with its 'SONIC' Brand of Electronics and appliance like TV, Washing Machine, LED's Refrigerators.

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